Our Team: The Tribe Is Growing

Here at Anomaly we keep a tight circle because we can. In fact, considering the size of our projects and client base, the size of our core team is something we brag about. At the same time, we know an anomaly when we see one, and that’s what led to our latest hire.

Our Team: The Tribe Is Growing

We’re excited to announce that designer Tshepo Thantsha has recently joined Anomaly’s full time team. With his polished technique and imperturbable approach to any task, he’s already made our close-knit crew proud. Find out more about his work experience, passion for design and vision for his future in this quick read Q&A.

Anomaly: What first sparked your interest in design?

Tshepo: It’s actually a funny story that started from childhood. When I was in primary school we had a class assignment where we needed to draw an image without tracing it, but I missed that instruction and traced the image. It looked so good that everyone praised me for it. I was too scared to come clean so I had to practice my drawing skills to keep up the charade. That’s where it sparked my love for art and I eventually stumbled upon multimedia design to focus that love when going to varsity, and then the rest is history.

A: Tell us about your work experience in design thus far.

T: My work experience is almost the equivalent of a Cinderella story. Started out as an intern making coffee hoping to earn a spot in the studio at my first agency. Then growing to be a fully-fledged designer where people trust and value my vision. It’s been an incredible experience seeing where I started to where I currently am, but there is still a long way to go. I have just arrived at Anomaly but it has been great. I’m doing what I love with incredible people.

A: What is your favourite kind of design project?

T: My favourite type of project would be a website/app design. UI design has a special place in my heart.

A: What is it that drew you to Anomaly?

T: The CEO was rather persistent I must say hahaha, but seriously, I was ready for the next leg of my journey. Anomaly is a company looking ahead into the future and my passion for digital design lies in creating design solutions for that very same future so it was an easy decision to jump on the Anomaly train. I believe we share the same vision and when two stars align magic is bound to happen.

A: Who is a designer whose work you admire?

T: Wow, that’s a difficult one. I admire so many artists for different aspects because I pull inspiration from everywhere but if I was on my deathbed and I had to pick it would be an agency instead of an individual. Plat4m – they are just incredible.

Are you an exception in your industry? If you’re an anomaly and our team sounds like your people, keep watch on our website for open positions on our full-time team.

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