Gamification in Pharma

Gamification takes the ‘the use of game design elements in non-game contexts’ and this is where brands use it most, for education based gaming, or learning based gaming, or purely for fun and engagement with consumers and to distribute prizes.

Pharma is often not the most engaging category of  brands for consumers and communicate the same thing over and over again to their consumers, unless they have a new product launch. There often isn’t as much brand love, but they focus on trust, efficacy and correctly informing their consumers.

Gamification allows the information to be communicated in new and fun ways, engaging with consumers in a different territory.  This allows brands to engage on a more human level. This can achieve various goals of communication:

It allows for brands to simply communicate complex ideas and content to their consumers

  • It can create lasting connections between the consumer their brand and characters, 
  • Educate consumers about the products, dosing instructions and application.
  • Communicate medical complex information in a simple language
  • Engagement with youth and children to understand concepts 
  • Identifying with pediatric categories more strongly 

It also provides strong reporting tools, database growth for brands and always on engagements.  

It also creates an engaging way to mine data from consumers when it comes to competitions and prize giveaways, which allows the brand to create their own database through opt-ins. 

From an investment perspective, this can then be reskinned and re-used for various uses, such as a giveaway or new product launch that can be turned on and off as needed.

At Anomaly, we assist our clients in building gamification strategies to achieve various brand and business objectives.This form of marketing allows for innovative ways to connect with your consumers.  Let us help your brand stand out through gamification and data insights.

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