Levelling Up With Gamification: Introducing The World of MAQ

Developing and campaigning a branded game is always an exciting execution and recently, Anomaly was given the opportunity to create not just a game but a gaming world for our client, MAQ Homecare. With the goal of positioning MAQ Homecare as an especially innovative and forward-thinking brand, we wanted to go the extra mile with not one game, but three.

The World of MAQ is an online destination where users can sign up to play games for the chance to win prizes. Within it, you’ll find the games Bubble Pop, Germ Slicer, and another you might recognise: the much-loved World of Softness.

We like to think of The World of MAQ as a captivating cosmos of cleanliness, where shine is key and germs are the enemy. Each game presents opportunities to satisfyingly win with spotlessness, whether it’s popping soapy bubbles, slicing live germs, or charging through fragrance pearls that leave The World of MAQ fresh and sweet-scented. 

Players are able to track their scores on a live leaderboard, because who doesn’t love a little competition? An overall leaderboard also allows us to track gameplayer performance behind the scenes, and therefore determine prize winners easily, efficiently, and according to nothing but the numbers.  

Topping the live leaderboard is what will lead one lucky player to the grand prize: A Samsung Washing Machine and a year’s supply of MAQ Homecare products to enjoy using with it. Other high scorers will also score prizes. The top 5 game players per game will win a years’ supply of MAQ Homecare products and the players with the most amount of points, across all 3 games, will win the same. 

Other than The World of MAQ’s fun-filled games, these great prizes incentivise sign-ups and multiple gameplays. Word of the game will also be spread by the campaign’s ‘refer a friend’ mechanic, whereby getting friends to sign up using their referral code, players will earn 1000 free points for themselves and that friend. 

All three games are designed to increase players’ knowledge about MAQ Homecare products. Before beginning any game, all players must correctly answer trivia questions about the individual functions and unique selling points of the MAQ range. This way, learning about MAQ’s different cleaning products in a fun and interactive way is a given in every player’s World of MAQ experience. 

Have you played in The World of MAQ yet? What are you waiting for? Because the World of MAQ is waiting for you. Sign up, play games, and stand the chance to win prizes today.

Play the games on The World of MAQ now.

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