SUPA Cepacol®

Project Scope

UI/UX, Design Web Development, Digital Strategy & Concept, Social Media

About The Project

Introducing the new kids on the Block.

To introduce and promote Cepacol®’s latest products (Cough & Cold Syrups and Throat Spray) we launched a campaign featuring the entire range as SUPA heroes battling cold, cough, and flu symptoms during the winter season.

Through a six-week-long social media campaign on Facebook and YouTube, we dedicated each week to showcasing a new product as the hero, addressing specific symptoms with engaging content. Participants had the chance to WIN weekly prizes by interacting with teaser, product reveal, and engagement posts.

Our goal was to spotlight Cepacol®’s range as the ultimate winter heroes, positioning the brand as the top choice for seasonal relief.

Campaign Results:

Audience Reach: 2.15 million +

Impression: 4.58 million +

Total Engagement: 749k

Post Engagement: 26,2K

Number of entries: 3,4 K comments

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