Cepacol Website

Project Scope:

UX, UI and Development


Multimedia design and Copywriting

About the project:

Out with the old, in with the vibrant new.

To create and maintain awareness for the Cepacol® range during winter, we embarked on an exciting venture. We revamped the brand’s website, perfectly aligning it with the launch of their new Cough & Cold Syrup and Throat Spray products.

A standout addition to the project is the Symptom Checker, a tool designed to assist users in indicating their cold/flu symptoms, which generates a Cepacol® product to help provide relief where they need it.

But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to showcase our new key visual – a masterpiece that celebrates the diversity of Cepacol®’s product categories through an array of captivating colours assigned to each individual product.

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