Cepacol® Flip It Game

Project Scope

Gamification, Web development, UI, UX and Social Media

About The Project

To create awareness of Cepacol’s range of products, we developed an interactive campaign to keep Cepacol® top of mind in the fight against winter symptoms. Introducing Flip It! An engaging online game that tests users’ memory with a chance to win amazing prizes.

Game Mechanic

Here’s how it worked: 

Players tapped blocks to flip and match Cepacol® products, earning points based on how quickly they completed each level. As the game progressed, more products were added. The faster you finished a level, the more points you got, and your score showed up on a live leaderboard, increasing your chances of winning cool prizes.

Campaign Results

Audience Reach: 3.12 million +

Impression: 10.87 million 

Engagement: 141k 

Video Views: 316k 

Total game plays: 6K total

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