BIC® 4 Colours Campaign

Project Scope

Storyboarding, production, multimedia design, UI design and development.

About the Project

Art and innovation come together in our latest work for BIC® Stationery.

We collaborated with four talented artists to design captivating custom doodles. These doodles were brought to life using the iconic, versatile BIC® 4 Colour pen and applied to 25 Converse sneakers, creating exclusive giveaways for both in-store and online audiences.

These designs were housed on an interactive campaign landing page that we developed. On this page, users and visitors can vote for their favourite doodle design with the hope of securing the ultimate prize—a customised sneaker added to their collection.

Competition Mechanic

The campaign’s mechanics involve users and visitors voting for their preferred design and sharing their entry on social media to qualify. An interactive leaderboard on the campaign landing page features a live feed that reveals the shoe design and artists with the highest number of votes. This dynamic element keeps visitors engaged by showing which designs and artists are leading the voting competition.

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